Welcome to my second template for OWD. The category it belongs to now could be 'fun', but please read the paragraphs on the left because you might be able to help me out. Oh btw, you could replace this useless text with your websites' description.

Ribbit ribbit

Hi, it's me again: JM from I See You - Designs. I'm still desperately trying to get the hang of this whole CSS & XHTML thing. A tip from the Solucija.com forums was that I should practise! So this is my practise.

I found a cool wallpaper on WallpaperStock.com and decided I'd use that for my new template called I See Frogs. That obviously reflects the images used in this template. I do not have to use this template at all, but perhaps you could use it. It's not quite finished though, read on to figure out why...

What could I do with this design?

No, it's not quite finished at all. I'm not sure what to make of this template. Should I turn it into a blog? Or perhaps a business template? I was kind of hoping you OWD-people could help me out here. Do you have any tips/comments/etc. that could help me?

I still need to add a few CSS thingies for some basic things: blockquote and lists for example. I haven't got a navigation area yet so that's another feature that needs work. You can download this template and do whatever you want with it, but if you do add some cool stuff please let me know!